Cosmic Neutron Insanity




  • 175, Oranssi Turkoosi: Varasto loppu
  • 175, Sininen Liila: Varasto loppu
  • 169, Keltainen Valkoinen: Varasto loppu
  • 167, Pinkki Turkoosi: Varasto loppu
  • 169, Keltainen: Varasto loppu
  • 169, Keltainen Oranssi: Varasto loppu
  • 169, Oranssi Sininen: Varasto loppu
  • 175, Pinkki Keltainen: Varasto loppu
  • 174, Pinkki Turkoosi: Varasto loppu
  • 175, Vihreä Valkoinen: Varasto loppu
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The Insanity is best described as a worn-in MVP Inertia, with slightly more high-speed turn and a diminished fade. For average power throwers, the Insanity will be remarkably straight, while high power throwers can execute precise flip and turnover lines with ease. Whether you’re looking for that sweet-spot worn disc flight, or you’re looking to achieve bigger Inertia lines with less power, give Insanity a shot.